ALBUM REVIEW: Delilah Bon – Delilah Bon

by Naomi Sanders

2021’s certainly been a better year for many things, especially in terms of music! Everything’s opening up again, the vaccine’s rolling out to help purge the virus, and amazing albums and EPs are rolling out every week. Included in that lot is Lauren Tate’s latest project, Delilah Bon, as the self titled debut of this rapping side project releases 21st May. Some may call it a feminist version of Eminem’s Slim Shady, but there’s no denying the effort that Lauren has put into this album from day 1, as evident from her YouTube channel and music videos for the music she writes and produces herself. But even with all that hard work, does it all pay off as a whole record and individually?

Absolutely fucking yes! Like, man! This is an album I WISH I had as a kid, being bullied in school where I would sing “Misfit” by Amy Studt to myself. It has that same energy and then some, especially in the lyrical content. Songs like “Soul Sisters”, “Chop Dicks”, “School”, and “Bad Attitude” are fine examples of this, like with the first, singing “I don’t want to fight, I just want to make love, you and me tonight”. There’s a welcoming level of confidence within the lyrics, inviting the listener to believe in themselves and have confidence in who they are. There’s always something important to say with each song and it’s spoken and sung with so much conviction from Delilah that it’s easy to side with at every syllable heard. 

Equally as important, the music is funky and has a great groove to them all. Whether R&B inspired, or nu-metal infused, there are so many layers of creativity and talent on display to create iconic and beautifully unique music that no one can compare to anyone else. The bass lines are sick, groovy and really flow through the body as they’re heard in each track. Even with something meaningful as “War On Women”, which makes me cry everytime I hear it, the music is soft and delicate as the message is spoken out. It adds to the emotion that the song requires and it helps elevate the track without overshadowing the important lyrics. As individual tracks and as a whole album, it all works together and creates a brilliant experience that many can return to again and again. 

Overall, it’s a great and unique album that is enjoyable every single time anyone presses play. It’s inventive, brilliantly written, and above all, fun and poignant. Lauren has made a fantastic record, and shown that her talent knows no bounds. Brilliant music perfectly mixed and produced, she certainly has the Midas touch when it comes to music. With her own music, Delilah Bon, and the band Hands Off Gretel, she has shown that genre means nothing, she can make banging music that is always great to hear. Just a massive yes with everything! Solid record, worth checking out and playing on repeat.

DELILAH BON is out 21st May!

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